Features & Benefits

Improving Performance

  • Simultaneous voltage measurement of all cells for accurate state of charge (SoC) calculation with double digit performance improvement to combine with under development state of health (SoH) estimation
  • Permanent dynamic cell balancing during charge and discharge for individual cells
    • Increase of the cells life expectancy by early curing cell imbalance
    • Battery in balance leading to optimal performance of the battery system
  • Dynamic safe operating area for improved use of battery capacity including voltage, current and temperature interdependency
Safety Operating Area


Ultimate safety operation

  • Cell and system level safety measurements (voltage, temperature, current and insulation fault detection) with configurable warning and alarms
  • Dynamic safe operating area for increased individual cell protection
  • Regular check of physical connections between cells and voltage balancing units to improve reliability
  • Limited heat dissipation thanks to limited balancing currents leading to cost reduction in electronic components
  • External BMS power supply to guarantee battery shelf life
  • Charge and discharge relays which are operated independently

Increased flexibility

  • Easy to install with automatic configuration to reduce installation and maintenance overhead
  • Remote communication to enable configuration and firmware updates from a distance
  • Adaptive model-based multi-chemistry secondary cell support : Li-Ion, Na-ion proven
  • Ultra-Caps / Lithium-Caps support allowing hybrid configuration of battery cells plus ultra-caps
  • High current (48Vdc) battery pack design ready
  • High voltage pack design up to 800Vdc (210 cells in series) 

Advanced communication

  • Data logging via optional SD card
  • Remote management via GPRS, TCP/IP
  • Ethernet and CAN-bus towards energy management support