Power requirement

< 15 mW/cell
(not powered from individual cell)

External power supply

18..32 VDC

Current draw from cell

~ 5µA

Number of cells

Up to 42 cells per master


Up to 31 masters


171.5(W) x 263(L) x 103(H) mm (max. 42 cells)

Conversion accuracy/resolution


Sampling rate

5Hz at system level

Conversion time

0.25 ms

Cell voltage range

0 – 5V

Measurement voltages/current


Master data interface

CAN bus 500kbit/s - 11bit IDs

Remote access interface


Digital I/O

4 isolated inputs, 2 relay outputs

Analog inputs

Redundant voltage for LV-25P
Hall current sensor 

VBU temperature sensor

Input for NTC 10kOhm
(max. 1/cell)

Temperature input range

-20°C..80°C, 0.5°C resolution

Isolation voltage (power)

1500 V

Isolation voltage (CAN bus)

2500 V

Ambient temperature



  • Low Voltage Directive

EMC compliance tested:

  • (EU) For Emission: EN 61000-6-3:2007 + A1:2011 (Light Industrial)
  • (EU) For Immunity: EN 61000-6-2:2005 (Industrial)
  • (US) FCC Title 47.Part 15
  • (CA) ICES-003 Issue 6:2016

Cell connection interface



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