BattSense is the future proof, modular, high performant Battery Management System for all your mobile and stationary energy storage packs.


A PLATFORM to match what you NEED!


The BattSense BMS with dynamic cell balancing (between 0-5 Vdc!) is designed to provide maximal safety, efficiency and an increased lifespan for cell-based electrical energy storage solutions.

With this technology, we are in full control of hardware and software, which distinguishes BattSense from many other traditional BMS solutions. BattSense can be completely engineered for the needs of your specific application.

Moreover, as one of the only BMS technologies with the ability to balance in a cell voltage range between 0-5Vdc, BattSense is the ideal BMS for sodiom-ion batteries, but has also benefits for solid state batteries. 

The BattSense basic BMS can be extended with several software algorithms on SOX.